Tuesday, 30 March 2010

What way is the right way?

Before I started to plan a wedding I always imagined I would walk down the aisle with my dad followed by my bridesmaids and never really gave much thought to it.  This is how it has happened at all of the weddings I have ever been to, so never imagined there would be another order to the entrance of the wedding party.

At Suzie and Rob's wedding her Mom was escorted down the aisle first by Suzie's brother James, then the bridesmaids and finally Suzie and her Dad.  Having seen it played out this way, I can't imagine it being any other way at our wedding.

I would love my brother and usher Paul to escort my Mom down the aisle, followed by our 4 bridesmaids and then me on my Dad's arm.  I think it makes sense for the bride to be the last person in the room.

Other things I've come across whilst planning this wedding is whether or not the bride and groom should see each other on the morning of the wedding.  Again I'd always taken it to be bad luck if the groom saw the bride before she walked down the aisle.  However I've found at some weddings in America the bride and groom share a private moment and come together before the ceremony in a "first look" meeting.  This must be such a precious and emotional time.  I can imagine the rush of happiness, nerves and love, sharing that "We're getting married in a few minutes" feeling.  When you walk down the aisle towards your groom you have all eyes on you, so this private meeting must be something special.

Saying that, I don't think we will be breaking "tradition." The first time I see Has on the 5th November will be as I walk down the aisle.  I can be a little superstitious (I'm one of those crazy people who salute magpies!) so although a private encounter with Has before our vows would be sacred it would be on my mind that it's bad luck!

Which brings me to another point.  At a couple of the weddings I have been to, the groom has not turned to watch his bride walk down the aisle.  He has waited until she's reached him before looking at her.  In fact at my cousins wedding, when her groom tried to turn to look at her, the registrar told him he wasn't allowed!  When Has and I spoke about this he told me that nothing would stop him watching me walk down the aisle.  In fact I know when I begin my walk, I'll catch his eye and won't be able to look elsewhere.  Everyone else watches as the bride makes her entrance so why shouldn't the groom?!

I've learnt so much during my time as an engaged lady.  I've come to realise that there is no right or wrong when it comes to weddings.  What ever YOU want to happen on YOUR day goes.  Just because it's the "norm" or "that's how it's always happened" doesn't mean it has to be that way for you.  

At my best friend Suzie's wedding she broke tradition and totally rocked a stunning midnight blue dress because it was her.
Just because ever woman in my family before me wore a veil, doesn't mean I have to.  If I want to wear purple shoes or wellies on my wedding day then I will!

I'm not saying our wedding will be a million miles away from "traditional" but we will be personalising our wedding to suit us.  In my opinion I think that is what helps make a perfect wedding.

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  1. I agree you should totally do whats right for you.

    We arent doing the american first look thing but my bridesmaids are going down the aisle before me.


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