Monday, 15 March 2010

Monday Morning Shopping


It's not even 11am and I've been busy!  Me and my friend eBay have been getting on very well this morning... Mr Bank Account shouldn't be too angry with me....

I found a lilac shrug for £10 with free postage.  It's from the same seller who Suzie bought our bridesmaids' shrugs from.  They are really soft and I thought it would be nice to try it on with my dress.  If I don't like it or it doesn't look right I can always buy an extra 2 for the bridesmaids to wear.

I also bought a round circle punch for doing our invitations.  I've seen them in the shops for over £10 the one I bought from eBay cost me £5 and does exactly the same job!

I'm hoping the punch will arrive soon so I can arrange a night with the girlies to get punching, sticking, cutting and threading!

Next on the shopping list is card, purple card. eBay can you help me?!

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  1. If you are looking for purple card PDA Card & Craft have loads and its reasonably priced! They can also send a swatch pack where you can check out the colours and types of card which was a great idea when I was looking for grey card to tie in with my purple pocketfolds. Thats where I got all the stuff for my invites {except the ribbon}.

    The website is -

    I got the ribbon I used for the bellyband here - - they do berisfords ribbon WAY cheaper than in HobbyCraft.

    This is what my invites looked like -


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