Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Candy Table Vases

These are the type of vases I want for our candy table.

from here

Especially the glass jars.  I love them! I know Confetti have similar glass sweet jars available for £14.99, I'll probably pick up a couple of those soon.  I also can't help but think how cute they'd look in our home after the wedding too!  

We already have large Martini vases for our centre pieces so I think a couple of smaller ones on the candy table would go really well.  I picked up our Martini vases from Excelsior Wholesale, my Sister-in-law to be, Amanda and I spent hours searching the internet for reasonably priced Martini vases and came across this company who happen to be about a 15 minute drive from us!  I ordered everything online and went to pick it up.  They were so helpful and had everything ready for me to pick up when I go there.

We have to go back to pick up 2 more Martini vases and a couple rolls of organza so I will probably take a look at their selection of vases to see if I can find anything else for our sweets to sit in!

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