Friday, 5 March 2010

Invitation Pocket folds Part 1

Last night Hayley came round to help us make a start on the invitations.

We're going to take it a stage at a time, so not to rush them.  It doesn't seem like such a big task either when you take slowly.

Last night the objective was to take the pocket folds, emboss them with little hearts and then fold and stick them together so they're ready for the outer decoration.

40 purple pocket fold envelopes.

Craft head quarters... note the tea and biscuits!  
(Can you see my Christmas present from Suzie?  My "I ♥ Spreadsheets" mug!)

Chief embosser Hayley marked out two little hearts on each invitation.

Whilst me (when I wasn't snapping photos) and Mom applied sticky dots to the flaps....

...and pressed down firmly.  The rest of the creases were then folded to make up the invitation.

Between slurping tea, monching biscuits and nattering it took us about an hour to do all 40 invites.  We then spent another hour and a half discussing what to do with the outside of the envelope.

I'm completely stumped.  Nothing I try wow's me.  It's getting to me a bit now, I totally love the inside of our invitations but I can't make the outside look as good.  So today in between work I shall be searching the internet for inspiration...  any suggestions/ideas are welcome!

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