Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I'm sure it's something every bride goes through but I'm wobbling, nothing major - I still love my dress, I still love the venue and I still 100% want to marry Has!

No I'm wobbling over my bouquet.  I've mentioned before that I don't have a huge amount of knowledge in the flower world.  I know what I like and what I don't like and that's about it!

The bouquet I have discussed with my florist Jennie will look similar to this.

We had talked about having a mixture of blue moon and avalanche roses (lilac and ivory) freesias and lisianthus. All in different shades of ivory and purple.

However I keep seeing all white bouquets.  Fluffy, white, giant bouquets.  Like this one I posted a few weeks ago

Taken from Style me Pretty

If I had an all white bouquet I'd still have roses, freesias and lisianthus.  I can't decide which bouquet I like best, so I'm handing it over to you. Which do you prefer?

Thank you


  1. How about a big fluffy white bouquet- with 2 or 3 purple flowers in it. so mainly white- just a tiny bit of purple....or is that confusing matters!
    Hayley xx

  2. What about purple for you as it will show better against your dress - the whites may get a little lost in the photos and white bouquets for your bridesmaids.

    That way you kind of get best of both worlds?

    Lub You xx

  3. Thank you girlies, I love the fact that as soon as I wobble both of you are straight on the case reassuring me and offering your suggestions!


    I think what I like is the shape of the giant white fluffy one. If I can speak to my florist and get my purple one to take that shape I'd be a happy bunny!

    Thank you everyone for your opinions too, it means a lot!


  4. I am going with purple vanda orchids against my ivory dress then my bridesmaids, who are in purple, are having purple tulips with some lime green viburnum and ivory bouvardia mixed in to lighten them up against their dark dresses.

  5. Oh sounds lovely! I would have loved to have had tulips but they are a little pricey in November!! x


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