Tuesday, 23 March 2010

30 Before 30

I came across this article today from The Frisky.com 30 Skills Every Woman Should Have Before Turning 30

It got me thinking.  When I was at school we were set writing assignments with questions like "Where do you see yourself in 5 and 10 years time?"  At the age of 15 I would always say "In 5 years I will almost certainly have a successful career, be living in my own home and be with someone I care about.  In 10 years I expect I will be married with children"  Well 10 years have past.  I don't own my own home, I do not have a successful career and I do not have any children.  I am however very much in love and will be marrying my best friend in just over 7 months.

For some reason growing up I always imagined I would settle down early.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that my Mom was married at 19 and had me when she was 21.  When I was 15, 21 seemed an age away and everything I thought I could do in 5 years felt within my reach.  As it happens at the age of 21 Has had just left University, we both had very little money and the idea of owning our own home was laughable.

When I was 21, 30 seemed even longer away - even though people couldn't help but point out to me that my "next big birthday was 30!"

I'm now 25, very nearly 26.  30 really doesn't feel that long away!  I've made a new realistic list of things I hope to achieve before I'm 30.  (Some of them, you'll see have already be set in motion)  In no particular order...

  1. Get married!
  2. Move in with Has before our wedding (We'll be renting to start with)
  3. Own our first home together.
  4. Start to think about a family
  5. Visit Alaska
  6. Learn how to knit
  7. Do something I love for a living.
  8. Decorate my house in a style to suit me and Has.
  9. Teach Has how to drive.
  10. Create a "places we have been map"
  11. Become confident in the kitchen and be able to cook edible meals!
  12. Visit Harry Potter World
  13. Run/Walk the Breast Cancer Race For Life
  14. Learn how to sew
  15. Watch all the first (last?) 3 Star Wars films (I get flamed for not seeing the originals!)
  16. See the New York Giants play at home
  17. Perfect the art of cupcake making
  18. Host a dinner party
  19. Buy a pair of designer shoes
  20. Get a professional massage
  21. Get a professional facial
  22. See the Macy's Parade on Thanks Giving 
  23. Host Christmas dinner.
  24. Have a garden
  25. Be a comfortable size 10
  26. Go to Iceland
  27. Climb a Volcano (Extinct!)
  28. Trace my family tree
  29. Learn to play the Bass
  30. See Poison play live.

Does anyone else have a 30 before 30 list?

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  1. Ok...Here are a few of mine:

    Learn to hem curtains
    Spend a christmas away in the snow with Rob
    Bake my husband a pie
    Go horseback riding
    Do something substantial for charity
    Go to Disneyland with Moo
    Start yoga
    Trim down to a happy size
    Start a family

    Just a snippet of the many thing i want to accomplish in the next 4 years, 2 months and 29 days.

    Lub you xXx


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