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Friday 19th February - S&R part 1

A little bit of a treat this week....

I've asked Suzie if she would like to write her Wedding Day story on the blog and she has agreed!  I'll also be able to show off her gorgeous photos with you.

We're splitting it up into 5 parts and I'll post one a day until Friday.  You've heard all about it from my perspective but I think it's better and much nicer to hear it from the Brides.

Enough from me, I'm handing over to Suzie, the new Mrs E!

Part 1

Pre-wedding Nonsense!

On Friday 19th February I woke up on the eve of my wedding day bright and early, I got showered and dressed and waited for my lovely bridesmaid Laura to arrive! We didn’t have a massive amount to do that day but Laura was eager to arrive early in case I did!

She arrived about 9:30 we had a brew and talked over the plans for the day. We were aiming to get to the hotel and start to set up some of the small things like the Candy Buffet by about 1pm, before we arrived at the hotel I needed to go to the local supermarket to pick up the last few things for my wedding day survival kit. The most important parts of it being deodorant, emery boards and of course chocolate! Another stop that morning was to the party shop down the road to get a huge thank you balloon for my parents – I had brought them a balloon flight for their thank you gift and thought it would be nice to package this in a box with a helium balloon (this turned out great!).

After all the running about we headed back to wedding HQ to pack Laura’s Focus and my tiny Ka with all sorts of wedding stuff and headed to the Forest Hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel my wedding room was already laid out with rows of chairs and hidden away in a separate part of the room out wedding breakfast tables. It was a sudden mix of emotions as I walked into the room when in just 24 hours I would become Mrs E! There was a lot of jumping about and lots of excitement. My second bridesmaid Beth arrived at the hotel not long after we did and we decided to make a start setting out the tables with favour boxes, place cards, table names etc… This was actually a lot of fun and even though the hotel staff insisted they would do all this for us I think we really enjoyed it! Our next task was to tackle the Candy Buffet table! We had jars and vases of all shapes and sizes and lots of yummy treats to fill them with – after hours of shifting the glassware to exactly the right spot we got the table looking perfect! 

By this time the clock had reached about 5:30 pm about time for us to get to our room for a sit down, this would also be the perfect time to give the girls their gifts for being the world’s most wonderful bridesmaids! I decided instead of the more traditional gifs I would get the girls a gift bag of all the things that they love ranging for Laura from her favourite Lancome Mascara to Yorkshire gold tea and for Beth from Urban Decay make palate to rice crispy squares all packed neatly into an I ‘heart’ NY tote bag for Laura and an I ‘heart’ Wales tote bag for Beth! I think the girls really appreciated how much effort and thought had gone into them to make them so personal! I was really pleased!

I really enjoyed spending the night before the wedding in a room with my 2 favourite girls! If I couldn’t spend it with my wonderful fiancé they were the next best thing! We shared the family room at the hotel and had plenty of space for all our stuff! Getting back to the room we all realised we needed a drink and a snack! We cracked open the Bucks Fizz and ordered some chips to the room! This just about satisfied our hunger until the meal later. 

There were quite a few people stopping at the hotel the night before the wedding including both sets of parents, bridesmaids and some friends. We all met up at the restaurant around 8:30pm for a meal together. We had arranged for the Groom and Best man to join us for the meal and if was actually really lovely to see Rob again before the big day! 

Rob and I both decided it would be a nice idea to exchange gifts with our parents the night before the wedding rather then during the day. We did this during the evening meal. My parents were delighted with their Balloon Flight and Rob’s parents were overjoyed with their picnic hamper and tickets to the summer proms concert at Warwick Castle. 

Suzie with her parents

Rob with his Mom and Best Man Dan.

Rob also brought a little gift for me with him which I took upto the room to open…

We enjoyed a delicious meal, said our goodnights and the girls and I retired to bed!

I was feeling quite drained by this point and was definitely ready for some shut eye. The girls were amazed at how calm I was and to be quite honest so was I! Maybe the mayhem would come the morning to follow. 

Just before we all settled to sleep and after a nice hot bath I opened Robs gift to me, it was a Disney box and contained a huge cuddly Stitch (a character from one of my favourite Disney films Lilo & Stitch), about 10 packets of Pop Tarts my all time favourite ‘food’ and some M&M’s! This was great! I gave the Stitch a big cuddle and realised there was a small pouch round his ear….inside was a gorgeous bracelet! It was such a thoughtful gift and it was lovely to wear it on my wedding day as a gift from my Groom! 

We finally got into bed and turned off the lights at about 11:30pm, I had a reasonable nights sleep and only stirred a couple of times. My alarm was set for 7am and that’s when my day would start….

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