Monday, 22 March 2010

San Francisco

All the blogs I read are telling me Spring is here...  I'm not convinced (Although I did go the whole day yesterday believing the clocks had gone forward and my mobile phone had "auto-corrected" the time whilst I was asleep... no I'm not a natural blonde!)

Outside is grey, dull and rainy.  It feels like ages since I've seen the sun, in fact we had a discussion in the office about the last time we had seen a beach.  Sunday 6th December in Rhyl.  It was freezing!  Before that I can't remember!

To cheer myself up I've been looking at pictures of the places we'll be going on our honeymoon.  Yes, not everywhere we go will allow us to wear shorts and t-shirts, but none the less it's cheered me up.  I feel like I need a holiday but today November seems a million miles away.

I found posts about San Francisco on the English Muse, which instantly lifted my spirits

from here

I visited San Francisco in 2002 with my family when we travelled around California for 3 weeks and loved it. We flew into San Francisco and had only 1 full day to explore the city.  We took the boat to Alcatraz, walked around Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 to see the famous sea lions and queued for what seemed like hours to travel via cable car (worth it!)

I'm really excited about going with Has.  He's never been but I think it's a city he will love.  I think the main reason Has wants to go is because his NFL team The Oakland Raiders play only 20 minutes away and he's hoping he'll get to see a game!  Despite this I know he'll feel the same way about San Francisco as I do.

We'll have the weekend to spend in the city and there is loads I want to see, do and explore.  Lombard Street, The Painted Ladies, Union Square, Chinatown, and Golden Gate Park just to start with!

A lady in my office kindly sent me this link 24 hours in San Francisco, definitely liking the idea of walking across the Golden Gate Bridge then stopping off at the Atlas Cafe for hot chocolate and a pastry!

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