Sunday, 21 March 2010

The glamorous job of a bridesmaid

Saturday morning the plan was to, pick up Mom, pick up Natalie, pick up Suzie and be at the bridal shop for 10.45.  Easy...

Problem 1.  I struggled to get out of bed so didn't arrive to pick up Mom until 10:18.  After throwing a jam sandwich (breakfast) into my mouth we raced off to pick up Natalie.

Problem 2.
Mom "What time did you tell Natalie we would be picking her up?"
Me "Erm I didn't! I thought you were telling Natalie what time we'd be picking her up..."

Cue lots of frantic phone calls to poor Natalie who was still in bed!  Change of plan, grab Suzie - who was wearing the "Bridesmaid" rhinestone t-shirt I had made her when I first asked if she'd be my bridesmaid (Isn't she super!) - then shoot round to Natalie who had only had 15 minutes to wake up and get ready!  (Sorry Natalie, next time I promise I'll give you more notice!  Thanks for being such a star!)

We arrived at Sallie Bee Brides a little late but it didn't really matter.  The shop was heaving.

Problem 3.  Despite the Mark Lesley website saying that this shop stocked the dress I had originally wanted to see, they didn't have it in.  A little disappointing, but they did have something very similar.
The owner of the shop Silvia was lovely.  She advised us on colours and styles and after grabbing a few dresses off the racks we were shown to the quieter changing rooms upstairs.

The first dress Natalie tried on was by True and she instantly fell in love with it.  An a-line taffeta dress which ruches at the side and has bead details.  Suzie later tried it on and I have to say it's a strong contender.
Another dress I really liked was by Mark Lesley, it was a simple taffeta dress with a diamond brooch detail

Both girls looked lovely in this one.  Although it's a little over budget!
It's certainly given me a lot to think about! The owner, Silvia allowed us to take pictures which is usually really rare, but this will allow me to make my mind up and compare these dresses with others.  Silvia was really very lovely and after we had finished trying on dresses we had a conversation with her about other bridal shops and the fact that she's been in the business over 30 years.

I have to confess I think the hunt for the bridesmaids dresses will be harder than the search for my dress.  I hope you girls are up for a few more Saturdays of taffeta, satin and net!  I promise I'll give you plenty of warning next time!

Best picture of the day, oh so glamorous! x


  1. Love the glam shoe photo - you are going to make them wear pink socks on the day, right? ;)

    But seriously, am so impressed with your blog - when I was planning my wedding I don't think I would have been sane enough to write about it like this!

  2. Thank you! I actually think writing the blog is what's keeping me sane!

    ... and the girls will be wearing purple socks... ;) lol


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