Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Aftermath!

Happy Saturday!

I know I said we would split Suzie's wedding into 5 parts but we thought it would be nice to finish it properly so we have extended it to this post.

Thank you Moo for sharing your day in your words. x

Back to Suzie.
I have to say that it’s been really great to extend my wedding celebrations! They started early on the Friday morning and finished on the Sunday afternoon!

We all woke up relatively early and met downstairs for breakfast about 9:30. We had booked out the hotel for the night and even though there are only 12 rooms that made 24 of us for breakfast, it was really great to reminisce over the night before. We all tucked into our cooked brekkie and slurped on lots of tea! I don’t think there was anyone who was too worse for ware that morning! We all looked bright eyed! 

After breakfast people started on their way, wishing us well and saying goodbye. Rob and I collected all our bits and pieces from the venue ready to take home including all our wedding cards and gifts and Darth Vader of course! We then started to divvy up the remaining cake to thrust upon people. 

Once all our guests were gone Rob and I slumped into the chairs in reception feeling tired and a little deflated waiting for our parents before heading home. 

Back to normality! Once home we sat with a brew and started to open our cards and read the lovely words and wishes that were written! Rob and I didn’t register a gift list and didn’t ask our guests for anything, we didn’t want anyone to feel under pressure and let’s face it we had each other so nothing else mattered! We were soooooo blown away with how generous people were contributing to the start of our life together! So for anyone reading a HUGE thank you (thank you card in progress!).

By the afternoon it was just dawning on it that tomorrow we departed for Heathrow for our AMOOOZing honeymoon! We jetted off to Khao Lak in Thailand for 2 week R&R and it was bliss! 

What more can I say! Today is our 1 month anniversary so Happy Anniversary Darling, I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as I will love you tomorrow.

Married life is wonderful.

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