Friday, 19 March 2010

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

We've booked in to a local bridal shop tomorrow to see their bridesmaid dress collection.

I'll have Suzie and Natalie with me to offer their opinions and maybe try on a few frocks.

Unfortunately Hayley is working so won't be able to join us. (I'm sure she's secretly relieved... standing in a dressing room in your smalls, whilst a lady you've never met before thrusts a giant mass of net and dress over your head isn't really anyone's idea of fun!)

I'm really liking this dress at the moment from Mark Lesley

style 1096

Hopefully they'll do it in a variety of purple colours for me to choose from!
I doubt I'll be able to take any pictures in the shop, but I shall report back on how the appointment goes!

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