Monday, 29 March 2010


Ever since I started trying on wedding dresses and I was forced to try on tiaras and veils with the dress to "complete the look" I realised I didn't want one.

I'm 99.9% sure I won't be wearing either a veil or tiara on my wedding day.
It's just not me.

As stupid as it sounds, wearing a veil and tiara conjures up images in my head of me as a little girl playing dress up.

Therefore, I want a headband that makes a statement.  I love the headbands which have the detailing on the side.  Flo and Percy have gorgeous accessories.  Suzie wore their Clarice headband from the Gatsby collection during the evening at her wedding, which is absolutely gorgeous!

I really like their Chesire headband from their Wonderland collection

(model is a bit scary looking though!)

I'm having a real struggle at the moment finding something I'm in love with.  Don't get me wrong there are loads of gorgeous headbands out there, I just have trouble picturing them being worn.  A lot of websites provide photos of the headband, but I think it really helps to have one of a model wearing it.

They have quite a few cute ones on Etsy.

This Rhinestone Headband is from TessaKim

Swarovski Rhinestone Headband from Brenda's Bridal Veils

I like the pearls in this Heirloom side tiara headband from Glitzy Secrets

I found the Jennifer Behr website a while ago.. she tempts me with her stunning headbands.  Especially Dahlia

Want to know a secret...?  I haven't actually tried on a side headband!  Yes, I could be fantasising on something that will look completely pants on.  Only one thing for it, mass headband trying on session is in order!

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