Monday, 22 February 2010

Tough Job

My bridesmaids bouquet

I can't believe how drained I feel after this weekend.  I suppose it's the first time I've been able to relax for a few days and now it's hit me.  I still feel really emotional.  Has had filmed parts of the wedding day for Suzie and Rob and watching that back made me cry.  I was concentrating so hard on not crying and being strong and supportive to Suzie that I think it's all coming out now.

When the evening guests arrived on Saturday, my parents asked me if I had been on the Red Bull because I was so hyper!  The truth is the last couple of hours I had been so intense that I hadn't been able to relax.  I didn't even realise this until yesterday when all my emotions tumbled out.

I don't think I really appreciated the work of a bridesmaid before Saturday.  Of course I knew my role was to help and support the bride as much as possible in the run up and on the day itself (Suzie was a kind bride and took her dress off to go to the bathroom so we avoided the dress above the head to pee situation!) but emotionally being a bridesmaid is tough!

If I feel like this, I wonder how Suzie must be feeling?  I'm sure she is still in her blissful newly-wed bubble getting ready to go on honeymoon with her new husband.  One of our married friends told us that when she relaxed on her honeymoon she cried for 3 days purely because all of the stress and emotions were finally being allowed out!  I don't think I realised how much emotional pressure a wedding can put on people!

Being a bridesmaid before my own wedding has definitely made me look at my own bridesmaids in a different light.  Of course I know they will do their very bests to be there for me, and help me organise the wedding but now I know how emotionally involved they will be.

I've had so much fun being Suzie's bridesmaid, planning, organising and scheming! I just hope she will enjoying being my bridesmaid as much as I have enjoyed being hers.

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