Monday, 2 November 2009

Welcome Home!

From the moment Has was driven away on the 3rd October I knew I wanted to meet him at the airport when he got home.

I didn't like the idea that he would arrive home after 4 weeks away to be greeted by a stranger.  So Saturday morning I woke up and tracked his flight online.  He had been scheduled to arrive into Birmingham at 11.40 but the flight had been delayed for 30 minutes.  I got ready and kept checking his arrival time.  Every time I checked the estimated time of arrival was getting earlier and earlier.  I had vision that he would land, drive off with the Emirates man and I'd be too late!

I hurried to the airport and stood in the terminal watching the screens.  I had no idea why but I was really nervous!  My heart was beating really fast and I was shaking.  The screens changed and it said his flight had landed.  I watched and waited for about 20 minutes until finally he walked out.

He actually looked at me.  Then carried on walking to the Emirates stand!  I know exactly what he was thinking, from the moment he got off the plane all he would have been concentrating on was meeting his driver.  Has is very focused and for me to have shown up like I did completely threw him!

I walked up to him and gave him a huge hug.  "What are you doing here!?" .... ermm what do you think Has!  It took a while for it to sink in that I was there.

Things are now 100% back to normal.  It doesn't feel like he's been away.  I'm sitting here writing this post and Has, well.... see for yourself! x

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