Thursday, 26 November 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

We have decided not to pay someone to video our wedding.  This is a subject which frustrates Has, he studied Video Production at University and doesn't feel right paying someone to do a job he could do himself. Obviously he's not going to be able to stand at the alter with a video camera, but we're going to set up a few cameras and leave them running to capture certain parts of the day, like our wedding vows.

We're going to ask a few close family members to bring along their video cameras and ask them to record their version of the day.  Then once we've come back down to earth from the wedding and honeymoon Has can start editing the videos and create the Has and Laura Movie!

I came across this video today which would be perfect for us to do.  The couple set up a video recorder and let it run for the duration of the evening.  The play back is sped up so you get this lovely 2 minute video of the evening celebrations.
Something like this would be incredibly easy for Has to set up and leave and it would be so much fun watching it back!

Melanie & Sky's Timelapse Wedding from Michael Antonia on Vimeo.

Love it!

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  1. I think their video was done by the Flashdance as he did the music for it (and for their wedding).


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