Friday, 27 November 2009

What should I ask a dressmaker?

I need to start asking a few dressmakers a few questions!

I have no idea how long it takes to make a dress or what's involved.  Mom is off work today so she has kindly offered to speak to a few local dressmakers and ask them when we should start making appointments.

I have a list of questions I want to ask them when I do meet with them:

• How long will it take to make 4 bridesmaids dress (3 adults, 1 Child) in a simple long strapless design.
• Ideally when should we make our first appointment to see you.
• Do all bridesmaids need to attend the first appointment.
• Do you have any examples of prices?
• Do you supply material or do we source this ourselves. (Mention the different shades of purple in the same material)
• What sort of materials can you work in/suggest?
• How many fittings will the bridesmaids need to attend.
• Do you have examples of your work.
• What deposit is required.
• Are there additional charges for alterations and are fittings included in the cost?

Do I need to ask anything else?

I'm worried because one of my bridesmaids Suzie will be other wise engaged with her own wedding and honeymoon for the next few months, so I need to make sure we leave plenty of time for designing, measuring, making and fitting!

Also, I have only had one recommendation for a dressmaker and the other 2 I found just by searching.  Obviously if you go with a shop bought dress you have the added security that you know (and hope) it will look ok, I don't want to end up with fraying seams or wonky hem lines!  Mine field!

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