Monday, 9 November 2009

"I have many a friend in Casablanca"

Even though we haven't booked our honeymoon flights and plans are subject to change one thing is for certain.  We will be going to New York and what's more... we think we know where we want to stay.

When we went to New York in July 2007 for my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary we stayed at The Casablanca Hotel.
It's a beautiful small Moroccan themed boutique hotel just off Times Square.  We really did feel like we'd found an exclusive secret hotel.  The staff are amazing, they all know who you are and are always friendly.  The one evening we were there we spent about half an hour talking to the reception staff about American sports!

Being on Time Square's door step you'd think it would be noisy and chaotic but it was neither.  Once you are inside you forget what it's like outside.  You don't hear a thing.  One thing the Casablanca offers which other New York hotels don't, is complimentary breakfast.  Every morning we would get up and meet at Rick's Cafe for cereals, pastries, cheese, ham and a selection of juices and hot drinks.  In the afternoon you can grab a glass of ice tea or wine and enjoy more cakes, cheeses and fruits.  They really do think of everything.

Has and I said we would love to stop at this hotel again when we visit NYC on our honeymoon.  Our room was a little small, so we would probably upgrade ourselves to a slightly bigger room.  However we spend so little time in our room when we go to New York we might not even bother!

Mom and Dad enjoying Breakfast Casablanca style!

This was our room.  It was a little small (especially the bed!) but it was perfect for our week long holiday.  Sorry about the mess!

Me and Has in Rick's Cafe.

Here's looking at you, kid!

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