Wednesday, 11 November 2009

What's in Hayley's Head?

I haven't had a wedding related dream in ages and I think I know why...

Hayley is having them for me!

"To start with Natalie wouldn't wear her bridesmaid dress and wore a hoody! We walked down the stairs and there was already a wedding going on and another one waiting at the top of the stairs to come in.

Anyway the wedding before yours starting doing this dance with all the bridesmaids which was slightly wierd. Then your wedding started and you and Has started doing this ballet routine going down the aisle! haha

We will all listening to you make your vows, then the other wedding party came down the stairs and had this dragon type themed wedding. they were making loads of noise. So I shouted "Oi! they are trying to get married here and don't want you talking in the background" then the groom started squaring up to me, so I punched him in the face!  This did shut him up, but his bride came up to me then. I did the same to her because she was giving me all attitude and kept singing loudly on purpose through your vows......then I woke up!"

I do worry about you Hayley!  x

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