Sunday, 8 November 2009

Happy Birthday Hayley!

My fabulous Bridesmaid Hayley is celebrating her birthday today!!

My favourite memories with Hayley

1, The first time I ever met Hayley.  We had the fancy dress box out at my house and me Paul and our neighbour Kirsty dressed up in ridiculous outfits and we ran around the streets like idiots!  Luckily Hayley wasn't perturbed by our strange behavior and we've been fast friends ever since!

2, Going to New York.  In July 2007 My parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary and we all went to New York to celebrate!  We had an amazing time, one I will never forget! Especially seeing as we saw the cast of High School Musical on Fifth!

3, Hayley getting pooed on in Devon.  Yes horrible for Hayley, hilarious for me!  I was walking a little behind Hayley when it happened.  SPLAT!  A seagull the size of a Labrador dropped it's load all over poor Hayley! In fact that whole weekend was a blast!  I'll never forget the DJ with his HI-FI, Cleatus, the indecisive bar tender and the illegal taxi driver story "... he dropped her home!"

Have a great day Hayley, love you loads! x

Mom, me and Hayley in New York!

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