Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Whatever the Weather

I've been thinking a lot about our honeymoon recently, probably because we will be booking our long haul flights soon.

In particular I've been thinking about the weather and what sort of clothes I'm going to have to pack!!  (Yes I know it's over a year away but I have to think about these things!)  We'll only be allowed about 20kgs of luggage each.

3 weeks away + different climates + 20kgs = logistical nightmare!

I've done a bit of research for average temperatures and weather conditions to see if this will help me plan a little better.

Seattle - notoriously rainy during November!  (Typical!)  Average highs of 11°c.  Although I've checked today and it's only 6°c.  I don't mind the cold as long as I'm prepared for it!
Clothes for Seattle:  Rain coat, jumper, trainers (wellies!)

Anchorage - hmmmm an average of 2 hours of sunlight a day! Average highs of - 2°c.  (Highs!!?)  This week the temperature isn't going to get much above -3°c and they are set to have snow showers all week.  I really hope it snows when we are there!
Clothes for Anchorage:  Thick, thick coat, jumper, 3 layers of socks, scarf, hat, gloves, thermal underwear!

So it's probably about this time that we'll need thawing out!

Oahu - Not as hot as the summer months, obviously.  At the moment the temperature is 20°c with lots of sun.   and they do have highs of 26°c.  November is classed as winter and they do experience more rain than other months, but these showers don't usually last that long.
Clothes for Oahu:  Tshirt and shorts, sandals and possibly a few cardigans.

Las Vegas - Can actually get quite chilly in Vegas during November.  The temperature this week doesn't get much above 14°c.  I think it will be very different to the climate we are used to in Las Vegas.  I doubt we'll be in the pool!
Clothes for Las Vegas:  Jeans, tshirt and jacket.

Austin - I'm getting a lot of conflicting reports on Austin.  Some people are saying Austin is lovely and warm in November and some people say it's cold!  I think generally it's warm during the day time and can get a little cooler in the evening.  The temperature for Austin this week is between 11°c and 12°c with lovely sunshine.
Clothes for Austin:  Jeans, tshirt, cardigan and jacket

Orlando - When Has and I went to Orlando a few years ago we went in September.  We both agreed this was the best month to visit.  It was quiet, still warm and we only experienced one massive storm.  From what I've read November is very similar.  November sees highs of 24°c, although the highest temperature this week is 18°c.
Clothes for Orlando:  Thin trousers, shorts, tshirt, cardigan, jacket.

New York - The last time we were in New York in November it was actually quite mild.  You couldn't go any where without a coat, but it wasn't freezing.  We are planning on watching the Macy's Day Parade so I imagine standing outside for a few hours we will really start feel the cold.  It's unlikely to snow but I think we will experience a few fresh and crisp days!  The temperature this week is between 2°c and 4°c.
Clothes for New York:  Jeans, jumper, coat, trainers.

None of the places we will visit are going to be hot.  Which to be honest suits both of us.  We're not sit around the pool people, we'd much rather be out and about seeing things.

As for outfits.  I'm even more confused!  I was hoping to take my UGG boots but really the only place I'll be able to wear them is New York.  They wont hold up too well in Seattle or Anchorage with the rain and snow.

I would love a new coat like this

from here

I think this would do me for Seattle, Anchorage and New York.  Ooooh it looks so toasty!  I'm actually hoping it's cold so I can snuggle in this baby!
If I did want a new winter coat for the honeymoon, I might have to start thinking about it now.  I doubt I'll want to be worrying about buying a new coat this time next year.  Hmm decisions, decisions!  What should I do?

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