Sunday, 15 November 2009

Spreadsheet Queen

We're honeymoon planning!  Or I should say Has is Honeymoon planning whilst I make him coffee, watch James May's Toy Stories and write my blog.

Over the last few weeks we've been thinking about the places we want to go and how possible it will be to add other stops or even substitute ones we are already thinking about.
There are a few cities we would love to visit, in particular San Francisco and New Orleans.  Has wasn't sure about San Francisco until he found out how close it was to Oakland.  Oakland is significant because it is the home of the Oakland Raiders.  For all of you none NFL followers the Oakland Raiders are an American Football team.  Has' American Football team.

Whilst Has works out our schedule, manages the figures and looks into hotels.  I organise.  I create spreadsheets and record Has' findings.
I am the spreadsheet queen!  I have spreadsheets for every aspect of this wedding I like to be organised!

This is just one of our honeymoon spreadsheets!

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