Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Bridezilla, Me? Never!

As our one year countdown gets closer, I can't help but think about what I'll be doing this time next year.

I wonder whether I'll be stressed, calm, excited, nervous?  All of the above?!

If all goes to plan my parents, brother, nan, aunt and uncle, cousins, godparents, bridesmaids and me should all be at Nailcote Hall.

My Dad is arranging a golf event on the morning of the 4th for all the men.  Nailcote boasts a 9 hole golf course and ever since we first visited my Dad's been itching to play it!

The ladies, however will be enjoying Nailcote's warmer facilities like the spa, pool and jacuzzi!

Has an I hope to be able to have lunch/afternoon tea with just our parents to be able to thank them for all their support and help.  This will be the last time I see Has before I make my way (carefully!) down those stairs the following morning.

A lot of my family and friends are staying over at Nailcote the night before the wedding, so I'd love for us all to meet up on the evening to have dinner in the Oak Room.  Then we can retire to the bar for a few drinks before bed.

I'm planning on giving my bridesmaids their gifts the night before, I have visions of us all sitting on my bed in our pyjamas giggling and drinking champagne... not too much though!  No one wants to see a bride with a hangover!

I hope by that point I'm relaxed, I shall be packing my Bach's Rescue Remedy with me (It helped me pass my driving test)  I know my stomach will be doing flips and I'll be super nervous I just hope I don't turn into the dreaded  "My knickers are the wrong shade of white!" Bridezilla!

Permission to slap me if I do!

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