Monday, 30 November 2009

Book Store Bargains

You may or may not know that Borders the book store went into administration last week and have since been selling off their stock for up to 50% off.

I managed to snag us a couple more travel guides for our honeymoon.

I know it's a little old fashioned but we love to have a travel guide for the places we visit.  It's a fab way to read up on a place before you get there, you can even do it on the plane to get you really excited!  I love it too because they act as a little travel trail of places you've been.

San Francisco

Ever since Has realised how close San Francisco was to Oakland (home of  his NFL team) San Francisco has been a permanent fixture to the honeymoon schedule.

I have been to San Francisco before but Has hasn't.  I was only there for a short stay but I really thought it was an amazing place.  I just hope the Oakland Raiders are playing the night we plan to be there!

New Orleans

We're still not 100% whether we'll visit New Orleans on our honeymoon, but we do intend to visit at some point in the future.

I'm sure this guide will come in handy at some point,  it may even help us make our decision as to whether or not we keep it in the schedule.


Boston is somewhere Has and I have been meaning to visit for a while.  We're so close every time we visit New York and have often spoke about taking a day trip up there.  Our current honeymoon schedule has us arriving in Boston as our first stop.  This is only a tiny travel guide as we only intend to stay a day and a half, it was recommended for people who are only intending on a short visit.  So perfect for us!

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