Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Gift List, Wish List

I received the John Lewis newsletter yesterday and I found these beauties.  I do hope these will be around when we go to John Lewis to zap our gift list!

Now, I don't drink a lot of wine but if I had these I certainly would!

Ok so I don't know how we will decorate our home when we move but I love this cushion.  I could design a whole room around this cushion!

When we do finally get our own place I intend to do quite a bit of baking.  I love making cakes and cookies. I might not be any good at it, but practise makes perfect!

Where as I like to bake, Has likes to cook.  His speciality is pasta dishes.  He makes fantastic meatballs!  I think we would get loads of use out of big serving bowls.  We have one already, which is part of a pasta set, but I know we'll use them regularly.

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