Sunday, 1 November 2009

Gift Box Surprise!

Do you remember when I said that Hayley was bad at surprises?  Well that doesn't just include surprises meant for her!

For about 3 weeks Hayley has been telling me about a present she has got me.  I wasn't suppose to have it until the 5th November but Hayley brought it with her last Friday night.

Seeing as we're both rubbish at waiting, we decided as Hayley wasn't going to be with me on the 5th, it was only fair to open it then!

Look at the amazing box of goodies!

For Has, a Bridezilla Voodoo Doll! - the message read "To Has, If Laura turns into a Bridezilla you can give her a poke!"

2 Shot glasses on hot pink necklaces - with the tag "For all your hen doo dreams (or nghtmares!)" lol

A photo album, with the tag "You'll have lots of wedding day albums and photos, so this is just for all the wedding things that come before!"
Inside the message read "A little book of memories just for you, to count down the days 'till you say I do!  The preparation, the laughs, the tears and of course the hen doo, can all be kept in here to be shared forever by the both of you. x"

Hayley also put in a gorgeous pink feather boa (!) and plastic willy straws!  Ever since I asked Hayley to be bridesmaid she's threathened me with plastic willy straws! I'm sure I'll find a way to get her back!

She also put in this card

Cute!  Thank you Hayley!  Love you loads xxx

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