Monday, 9 November 2009

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Birthday's Galore!

It's also my Bridesmaid Sophie's Birthday today.

As well as sharing the same birthday, Mom and Sophie are so alike it's uncanny!  Sophie is the spitting image of my Mom at that age and they share very similar personality traits.

It seems fitting to Has and I that Sophie should be our bridesmaid.  She was born the day after Has and I started our relationship.
I remember sitting in Starbucks (surprise, surprise!) on the 9th November 2001 with Has being so excited that I had a new baby cousin.

Sophie is such a little character, she never stops talking!  I remember one Christmas Night she slept in my bedroom and from the moment she woke up she didn't stop!
She always makes me laugh, she's always so happy.  I can't wait until we start dress shopping for her, she's going to look gorgeous!

Happy Birthday Sophie!
Love you loads xxx

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