Friday, 27 November 2009

Christmas Films

Has and I love films, no surprise as Has studied Video Production at University but there is nothing we love more than snuggling in bed watching a good (and sometimes bad) film.

So at the end of every November we make our "Must Watch Christmas Films" list.  It's rare we get through all the films we want to watch (which is why I like to start early despite Has claiming "It's too early!")

We have obvious favourites which are watched every year, but we like to add in a few new ones too.

One point I should make about Has is, yes he's a film buff but more specifically he's a horror film buff!  So in his favourite Christmas films list are titles such as Silent Night, Deadly Night and Black Christmas However these are not my idea of a Christmas film!  We will no doubt end up watching them, but for the purpose of this I shall be leaving them out of my Top Christmas Films (In no particular order as I can't decide on a favourite!)

Home Alone - Love it, Love it, Love it!
Home Alone 2 - Lost In New York - "Credit Card, You got it!"
Scrooged - Bill Murray is a legend!
Father Christmas - "Bloomin Marvellous!"
It's A Wonderful Life - Can you believe I only saw this classic for the first time last year?  Such an amazing feel good Christmas film.  One of the best!
The Muppet Christmas Carol - "We're Marley and Marley.. woooaooooh!"
Elf - I love Will Ferrell, I love Christmas.  Perfect!
The Grinch - Jim Carrey is one of my favourite actors, he's so silly and definitely appeals to my sense of humour.
Miracle On 34th Street - This one gives me goosepimples!  Especially the scene where everyone states their belief in Father Christmas!  I believe!
Santa Claus - The Movie - I remember watching this film as a little girl.  It's still one I like to watch now.
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - Fabulous!  National Lampoon's films are hilarious anyway, but I think this one is the best!
The Nightmare Before Christmas - I adore Tim Burton's work, however I can never tell whether to watch this film at Halloween or Christmas!

What films do you have to watch at Christmas?

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