Sunday, 8 November 2009

8 years

It's our 8 year anniversary!

Our last boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary before we're husband and wife.  I wonder whether we'll still acknowledge the 8th November once we're married?

2001, In a cabin we used as our common room at college.

2002, My 18th Birthday.  Taken in my parent's garden at my birthday barbeque.

2003, Taken at Disneyland Paris

2004, London Dungeons.

2005, Visiting our nephew and godson, Oliver a day after he was born

 2006, Our second trip to New York that year! (Did I mention we love NY?)

2007, First match to be played at the new Wembley.  England under 21's versus Italy under 21's

2008, Reading Festival

2009, Taken in Prague when we went to see Motley Crue

Happy 8 Years Babe!  Love you loads! x

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