Monday, 23 November 2009

Wedding Perfume

Sounds a little crazy doesn't it?  A perfume you buy especially for your wedding day...?  The idea is in years to come you'll wear the same perfume and the smell will remind you of your wonderful day.  Also photographing the perfume bottle on the morning of the wedding is now almost always a given!

1, 2, 3

I like the idea, but I don't necessarily think I need to go in search of the perfect perfume if I already have one I love.

Earlier this year I found Love by Nina Ricci.  I absolutely adore this perfume and applied it liberally every day, that was until I found out it was a limited edition scent and has now disappeared from the shelves!  The problem being I was fully intending to wear this on our wedding day.  Even Has commented on how much he liked it!

I'm now down to my last few squirts with no way of buying a new bottle... trust me Suzie and I have looked!  Suzie is even dreaming out it!

"I was on a mission to find you a bottle of the nina perfume you wanted and I'd been everywhere...I flew to NY and still couldn't find it so I was about to give up and come home when I went into Boots (?!) and happened to ask there and they said "hummm... we don't have any of the normal saleable bottles left but we have a sample - you could have it if you like?" So I was like ohhhhh yes yes yes!!! They went into the back and brought out this cola bottle size VAT of perfume!! It was in a horrible huge glass bottle but it was the nina perfume you wanted and I was like great! this will last her FOREVER!!"

I had my hair done this weekend and got onto the conversation of perfumes with my hairdresser Jo, she told me Nina Ricci has brought out a new perfume... "I can't remember what it's called" she said "But it's in a purple bottle"

Perfect!  It still a limited edition, and I haven't smelt it.... but did you hear what I said!  It's purple!!

Introducing Nina Precious Swarovski Edition by Nina Ricci.  Isn't she pretty!

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