Saturday, 14 November 2009

Friday's (Saturday's!) Photo

Sorry it's a bit late!  Work has been manic so I didn't get chance to even think about posting yesterday.

I LOVE this photo, not only is the bride excited but the bridesmaids too!  I've read so many stories on forums from brides who are frustrated with their bridesmaids because they show no interest in the wedding or offer no help.  I have to say I think I am the luckiest bride ever.  Suzie and Hayley are just as excited as I am!  They have helped me out so much already and I know they will be there for me when ever I need them.  I couldn't ask for better girls.

Natalie and Sophie are also really looking forward to being bridesmaids.  Natalie keeps leaving me messages on Facebook telling me how excited she is.

I love my bridesmaids, they're fab!!

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