Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Don't Tell The Bride

Don't think I could do it!

Whilst I do think Has would do an amazing job, I love planning and organising our wedding.

So many people are involved in the planning too.  It isn't just me who would lose out.  My Mom, Has' Mom, my bridesmaids, grandparents, god parents... the list is endless!

Still, I know if Has had only 3 weeks to plan our wedding I'm pretty sure he would arrange a beautiful wedding. I showed Has a wedding magazine with a 6 page spread on wedding dresses and asked him to pick his favourite from each page.  (Very dangerous I know!) But do you know what?  We chose the exact same dresses.  We have very similar opinions on most things to do with this wedding.

What I don't understand is how some of the brides and grooms behave on this program.  I don't know if it's stress but most of the brides act like spoilt little girls, can you be a bridezilla if you're not planning the wedding? "I'm not wearing the dress if it doesn't have sparkles on it"  and some of the grooms go in with the opinion of "I'm organising this wedding, so I'll do it my way"

I think that is what I'm enjoying most of all.  Planning the wedding with Has.  Our little chats in the car on the way to work about what music we should have, or what we fancy doing on our honeymoon.  With only 366 days I'm going to miss this.  (Although I'm sure being married will feel 100 times better!)

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