Monday, 9 November 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!

It's my Mommy's birthday today!

My favourite memories with my Mommy

1, Cuddling up in her dressing gown.  When Mom used to have a shower I used to go in and lie on the bathroom floor cuddled up in her dressing gown.  We used to talk about all sorts and I'd try to convince her to stay in longer!

2, Trying to shower me after my operation.  When I was about 13 I had my appendix out.  I was incredibly weak for days afterwards but desperately wanted a shower.  Mom had to help me stand up and ended up drenched herself!

(I'm not sure why all my memories include that shower?!)

3, Planning the wedding.  I love having my Mom about to help me plan this wedding.  I'd expect nothing less but she has been a complete star!

Me and Mom back in 2004 at the Rainforest Cafe in Orlando

Happy Birthday Mommy Love you loads! xxx

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