Friday, 6 November 2009

Do you believe?

Tonight a psychic came round to my house.

I've seen this lady before.  My first reading with her ended up with me in tears.  She told me my Grandad was with me and referred to him by name.  Her words were "There's a gentleman with you.  George"  She also told me that I would be getting married soon and that my Grandad would be with me as I walked down the aisle.  My Grandad and I were extremely close so this meant a lot to me.

Tonight my mind was focused on my job.  Things at work have been pretty bad and it looks like I'll be made redundant at the end of the month at the very latest.  It's been getting me down and I'm worried about being able to save enough money for our wedding and future together.

My reading started with me selecting 15 tarot cards.
She told me my two Grandads were with me.  John and my biological Grandad.  My Uncle John passed away earlier this year.  He was my mom's step father as well as being my Grandad's brother.

She also told me I was in a relationship and he was my soul mate.  The next card she selected told me we were going to be expecting a baby girl.... not just yet, but very soon.
I was told I was going to be rich and successful and I should start up my own business.  I won't go in to the details but my friend Heather and I have been discussing the possibility of starting our own stationery design company.
She know I was having a tough time at work and told me there were dishonest and deceitful people but they're would be justice.  She said just because this is ending doesn't mean it has to be bad for me and I should concentrate on my new business.

The scary thing is, my mom had her reading before mine.  The lady pulled out a pregnancy card, she asked my mom if she had a daughter and told her "she" would be expecting soon...

Not before the wedding please!!

It was a really good night, I think the 7 of us all got out of the evening what we wanted.

Do I believe?  I'd like to think my Grandad and Uncle John were here tonight.  I think what she says is comforting, it's nice to think that people I loved who are no longer with me are still looking over me and well... we'll just have to see about the baby girl!!!

Me and Hayley after hearing our futures!

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