Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Places We Have Been

I love travelling, I love collecting travel guides and I love framing my favourite photos from our favourite places.  I love looking at the photos and remembering the fantastic places we've visited.

One of my favourite photos was taken when we were in New York with our friends.  Our friend Ian took the photo whilst we were resting on a Central Park bench. I happened to peek round Has to look at Ian.  In that split second he took our photo.  That photo has now gone on to be used on our Save the Date magnets.

Looking at that photo, tonnes of memories and "you had to be there" giggles hit me and make me smile.  When ever I'm feeling a little blue I look at my photos and I'm instantly cheered up.

For a while now I've been thinking about buying or making our very own "Places We've Been Map"
A map to hang on our wall and place pins in when we've travelled somewhere new together.  Similar to this

This one is from Getting Personal.  Personally I like the vintage looking maps and I wouldn't want it that big!  All the vintage maps I've seen are huge and could possibly look a little boastful.  I would want ours to be small and discreet.
Another alternative is to pay for a stock photo and print it out myself.  I'd mount it on a nice pin board and use little pins to mark our holiday locations.  It looks as though I would have to spend around £25 to complete this project, a little cheaper buying one ready made.  I shall let you know how I get on.

I was thinking how cute this idea would be to give as a wedding gift.  A map to mark past and future vacations together and at £25 handmade it's affordable too!

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