Sunday, 31 January 2010

Suzie's Hen Party Plans

As one of Suzie's bridesmaids one of my duties was to organise the fun and games for the hen party.  We came up with a few ideas to make Suzie's hen party special.

All the girls created a few scrapbook pages full of advice, photos and memories.

These were my pages.

Another idea we had was the Perfect Wife box.  All the hens bought, made or donated something to the box that they thought would help Suzie become the perfect wife.

My contribution was an apron, I created a design and had it printed by Zazzle.  I sewed a few buttons on the pockets to make it look a little prettier.  Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm the worlds worst sewer so it's a miracle that the buttons stayed on at all!

We played a few games Who am I?" a game where each hen fills in a sheet with answers and Suzie had to guess who it was and "Mr and Mrs"  I had asked Suzie's fiancé Rob a few questions before the party and on the day Suzie had to match her answer to Rob's.

Another game we played was a naughty pass the parcel!  The presents weren't too rude but did include "advice" books *wink, wink*, naughty snap, a naughty word search, the whistles pictured below (from Confetti) and shot glasses.

I think everyone enjoyed the games!  We had a really fun day, stay tuned for the photos!

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