Friday, 29 January 2010

Tie Guy or Cravat Chap?

There's nothing better than a gorgeous man in a gorgeous suit, I'm sure most girls will agree!

I'm very excited about suit shopping for Has, much more than I was about sorting out my own togs for the wedding.

I want to try and stay away from the traditional wedding look and go for something a little different.  For starters I'm not a huge fan of cravats, don't get me wrong I think it looks really smart but I'd much rather Has wore a tie. To be honest I think he's much more of a tie guy than a cravat chap.

I seems we are both on the same page, when it comes to the suits.  We both like dark charcoal grey suit, with a dark waist coat and purple tie to match the colour scheme.  Obviously the colours are wrong but this is the style I like.

I also really like the look of a dark waistcoat once the suit jacket comes off.

I can't wait to suit shop!

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