Saturday, 2 January 2010

Operation Hunamoon: Stage 1, Complete!

I've taken to calling our Honeymoon, Hunamoon as "Huna" as it's my pet name for Has and yes because I'm a little odd!
This morning (and afternoon)  Has and I booked the flights for the first and last leg of our honeymoon.  We leave Heathrow on the morning of Sunday 7th November for Dallas, Texas and on Sunday 28th November we leave New York via JFK for our return journey home to Heathrow.

I don't think it's sunk in yet that we've actually made a rather large step in realising our dream honeymoon!  It has taken hours and hours and spreadsheet after spreadsheet of planning to even get to this stage.

Our current plan is to get a coach from Dallas to San Antonio.  This takes around 4 hours to get there but i'm actually quite excited about driving through Texas!  From San Antonio we'll fly to San Francisco where we'll hopefully take in an NFL game.  After a few days there we'll fly to Honolulu for some relaxation in the sun. Although knowing us this will probably be as busy as the rest of the honeymoon!  Then it's on to Anchorage, where I'll be praying we see the Northern Lights!!  Then to rainy Seattle for a few days to take in the grunge scene before heading off to New York for Thanks Giving!

Exciting times ahead!!

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