Thursday, 14 January 2010

Cupcake Liners

found these super cute cupcake liners on Etsy yesterday, I've been looking for alternatives to the boring generic white cases most cupcakes come in and Esty didn't let me down!

I haven't even booked a cupcake supplier yet or even discussed the possibility of them being wrapped in gorgeous cases but these are seriously too cute not to mention!

I'm loving the bright colours of these cases from Cupcake Social.  So fun!

Then I came across these from Cupcake Flair

Laser cut cases = gorgeous!

These have to be my personal favourite.

I absolutely adore the embellished cases from Sugar Cat Studio.

Why oh why do all the gorgeous things live in America?!  Why does it have to cost me the Earth to ship them over? And why can't I be clever enough to make them!  Oh wait... it actually looks quite easy!

UPDATE: I bought some cute paper at lunch time, so I'll have a go tonight and report back!

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