Thursday, 7 January 2010

Trouble in Paradise...

I'm so disappointed.

Last night Has and I decided to book our flights from San Francisco to Hawaii.  These are probably the most expensive flights of the trip and seem to fluctuate in price every time we visit the website.  Over the last few days we noticed the price was at the lowest it has been and decided to go ahead and book.

We excitedly entered all our personal details but when we came to enter our card details we hit a rather large snag...  Hawaiian Airlines do not accept UK cards.

Instead we have to book through a UK tour operator.  Working in travel I know that the price with Hawaiian Airlines would double with a tour operator because they'd want to make a hefty profit, especially as it's the only option for UK customers.

I've already checked with other websites and it confirmed my thoughts, to fly to Hawaii from San Francisco would cost us over £500 per ticket.  Not going to happen!  I've emailed Hawaiian Airlines but I'm not holding out much hope.

It looks like we'll need to go back to the drawing board and rework another schedule. Sulk!

Oh I do hope we get to see this beautiful, beautiful view of Oahu!


  1. Is the the billing address it doesn't like or is it checking the card issuer? Maybe a prepaid visa or mastercard would foil their system?

  2. This is taken direct from their website

    "Hawaiian Airlines is unable to accept credit cards with foreign billing addresses, except from Australia and Canada."

    I have had a reply from my email asking for my details and they will give me the best price they can. Sounding a little more hopeful!

  3. resell the flights too, I'm sure they accept cards from outside the US too

  4. I checked with Expedia last night, the prices were over double what I would have paid direct, unless we have a stopover. We ideally want to avoid doing that as we're already flying so much.

    I'm going to see what they come back with and if it isn't a reasonable price I'll look at alternative routes.

    Thanks for your advice!


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