Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Blog Reading Made Easy

Ok so I may be a million years behind everyone else with posting this but I have just stumbled across Google Reader. If you're a blog-a-holic like me then this tool is seriously invaluable.

Usually my day starts with me sat in front of my computer with a cup of tea and a bowl of Weetabix checking my daily reads via my bookmarks.  Sometimes they've been updated, sometimes they haven't.  With Google Reader this has all changed!

I've subscribed to my favourite sites and now as soon as there is a new post it tells me so!  It means I no long have to keep checking my bookmarks to make sure I'm up to date in blog land, I never miss a thing!

I can also see a list of blog posts made by all the sites I follow.  So if I found something I really liked but couldn't remember where I saw it (this happens quite often!) I can check my Google Reader

But because this isn't geeky enough, I have also downloaded a little app for my IGoogle, which I keep open all day.  This means I only have to have 1 window dedicate to my none work related reading!  This makes me very happy!

So if you read a lot of blogs and haven't caught the Google Reader bug yet, try it out!

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  1. Now you have Google Reader setup, check out the Feedly plugin for FirefoxChrome http://www.feedly.com


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