Monday, 25 January 2010

Chalkboard Placecards

As planned I took a trip to Hobby Crafts on Saturday to buy everything I needed to experiment with my chalkboard heart placecards.

I bought a pack of 17 wooden hearts for £2.69 and a can of chalkboard spray paint for £8. The whole project should cost me about £20

My chalkboard placecard kit

I took all the bits outside and made sure I covered the area I was going to work on well.  Each wooden heart is about 4.5cm by 4cm so it doesn't take much to fully coat it.  This is what it looks like after 1 coat

Although it was still a little wet here, I think it will need at least two coats as you can still see the wood grain and I'd like it to look a little smoother.
Before I spray the rest of the hearts I'm going to drill a small hole so I can attach a piece of jute twine.  They really shouldn't take very long to do, I can cover about 20 in one go with the spray can, it's now just a case of buying around 68 more hearts and hoping for good weather!


  1. I've been looking at chalkboard place settings too and it's great to know they can be done relatively easy and cheaper than buying them outright.
    Great post - thanks!

  2. No worries! Once I've done them I'll do another little post so you can see the finished look. They really are super easy to do but look so cute!


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