Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Hair, How?

This Saturday I'll be able to cross off another thing from my January to do list.  Me and my roots are off to see my hairdresser Jo so I'll be able to bring up my questions about wedding hair!

I had hoped she would be able to come to the hotel on the morning of the wedding, however for insurance reasons this isn't possible.  So me and my ladies shall be trekking out at the crack of dawn to be transformed!
Yes to make things easier I could hire a mobile hairdresser but Jo has been my hairdresser for nearly 5 years and she knows my hair.  I trust her completely and to be honest I don't think I'd be happy with anyone else.

I don't really wear my hair up.  If I'm at home, in my snugs then I'll probably throw it in a pony tail, but other than that my hair is generally down.  So it only seems right that for my wedding day my hair should be down, or at least the majority of it.  To have it up in a fancy do just wouldn't be me.

I've always imagined I would have long hair in loose curls, but not so normal!  For our engagement party I had my hair curled.  They were quite tight curls and although I love how my hair looks, most people have seen me with my hair like that.  It also makes my hair look shorter than it is.

I've been thinking about alternative styles.  A way I can have my hair that doesn't take it too much away from my face, but is slightly different and more elegant than the norm and how I can maybe incorporate hair jewellery.
My favourite styles (and probably my only options!) at the moment are side ponies

and half up half down.

It's quite easy to curl my hair myself, so I may have a go at seeing how the styles would suit me.  I can discuss these styles with Jo and see what she thinks, but hopefully as of Saturday I'll have sorted out the hairdresser at least!

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