Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My Problem Is...

I keep thinking up new DIY projects to take on before the wedding.

I was speaking to Hayley yesterday and she said to lower the risk of the last minute cutting sticking and painting panic we should tackle a DIY project every month.  Last night I made a quick list of projects I had planned and I clocked up 10.
  1. Invitations Day
  2. Invitations Evening
  3. Order of service
  4. Favour boxes
  5. Table names photos & frames
  6. Place names
  7. Chalkboard menus
  8. Table plan
  9. Sweet table signs
  10. Children's gift packs

We have 9 months, 2 weeks until the wedding... We best get cracking!  I have a feeling, come the summer this is what we'll be doing most weekends!

Me and Hayley making our save the dates

The question is, have I taken on too much!?

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