Monday, 1 February 2010

All Aboard!

Saturday was Suzie's hen party.  All the planning, scheming and secret keeping was worth it.  The day started bright and early at Suzie's house, meeting the rest of the hens, sipping Kir Royale and shouting "Arggghhh!" to anyone with a camera...

Cap'in Squish!

Suzie had arranged for all of us to be taken to a photography studio in Birmingham in a limo for loads of silly piratey photos.  We have to wait a few weeks to see the professional shots but it was such a laugh and a great idea for something a little different than the normal hen party.

Once we'd finished smiling and gurning for the cameras it was back to Suzie's quarters for games and gifts
We gave Suzie her scrapbook and played naughty pass the parcel!

We also presented Suzie with her Perfect Wife box, which she loved!  She had some really great and unique presents, like a heart shaped frying pan, sexy underwear, recipe books, and feather dusters!

The only hiccup of the evening was when we got locked in the flat.  Suzie's father-in-law to be had to break down the door to rescue us!  Once we were freed we went to a local bar to dance and drink the night away!

Thank you Suzie for a real swashbucklin' fun day!

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