Monday, 25 January 2010

Suzie's Surprise!

So on Friday I said I had a little surprise for Suzie...

I made up a little bag of honeymoon goodies!
I started to collect what I thought were essential items (yes Haribo is an essential!) for a honeymoon, including the super cute Goodworks bath products like "Good Riddance Body Scrub" and Good Looking Body Lotion so she can smell delicious!  I also bought a little hand fan so she can keep herself cool by the pool.  I found some gorgeous "Apple and Dots" hair bands from Baubles N Bows.  A bites and stings kit, antibacterial hand sanitiser and nail clippers, file and scissors!  Hopefully these little things will all come in handy!

I also gave her a little photo album they can keep their honeymoon snaps in.

Suzie isn't going on honeymoon for another few weeks yet, but I know she'll be getting organised about now, hopefully my little pack will help her out a bit!

Note: Photos are a bit rubbish because I took them minutes before rushing out the door on my way to Suzie's  and I only had my little camera with me!


  1. I was soooo suprised and I am really grateful for the gift! Its soooo very thoughtful and lovely!

    I really dont know what i would have done without my lovely bridesmaids I just hope i can do the same for you.

    Cant wait to kick into bridesmaid duties as soon as im back from Honeymoon! I'll be ready for spraying, painting, sticking, calming, relaxing and anything else you need!

    Lub You and thanks again for such a thoughtful gift


  2. You are very welcome Little Miss Moo xxx


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