Thursday, 22 October 2009

Cute, cute hearts!

Our wedding day will be held in two rooms at Nailcote Hotel. Ceremony in the room with the staircase and the reception in the marquee.  As part of the package Nailcote Hall will supply chair covers, for one room only.  We've decided that as we will only spend a small amount of time in the staircase room we'd rather have the chair covers in the marquee.

That said, the chairs in the staircase room are... nasty!  As seen here...

So instead of forking out loads of money for more chair covers I'm taking the DIY approach!

I'm going to wrap the chairs in a white/ivory/cream organza sash, similar to this

from here
I also saw an idea from another wedding, where the bride and groom hung wooden hearts from the aisle chairs.  I mentioned this to Sue, Has' very talented mom, and she has made me over 80 fabric hearts (and counting!)

The idea is we'll hang these hearts from the organza sash, and collect them up after the ceremony so people can take them home with them!  The problem is I keep seeing ones I like and saying "Oh I think this will be the one I keep!"  No one will be taking home any hearts at this rate!

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