Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Choosing bridesmaid's dresses is one of those tasks that I am ignoring in the hope that it magically sorts itself out.  
At first I would trawl through websites looking for the perfect dress that was somehow going to suit all 4 of my girls and out of all the thousands of dresses out there I've found one I like.  One.

It's by Alfred Angelo and both Hayley and Natalie have tried it on, they both looked stunning (even though the dresses they tried on were in revolting colours! lol)

I have a few issues,
1) These dresses are £179 each...
2) What do I dress Sophie in?  The "little girl" version of this is £150!  I think that is ridiculous!

I'd really like the girls to be able to wear their dresses again especially for £179!

Hayley mentioned a little while about getting the dresses made.  She knows someone who had her bridesmaid dresses made and it saved her quite a bit of money.  I think I'm going to investigate this a little further.  That way I can get Sophie's dress made to match for a sensible amount!

The only other bridesmaid dress I've liked is by Dessy.  Unfortunately the dress doesn't come in the right colour.  Natalie tried this on and she looked beautiful.  Absolutely stunning and so grown up!

Maybe I can get someone to make me this style of dress in the right colour?

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