Friday, 18 September 2009

"Oh, it's adorable...Oh, it's very nice...Very romantic. We change it all, though."

When we both sat down and discussed our budget and what our wedding priorities were the venue came out on top. We wanted to make sure the place we got married was perfect. It had to have a beautiful interior with plenty of good spots to take photos. As we’ve set the date for the beginning of November we knew we couldn’t rely on the weather for us to have photographs taken outside. Our venue needed to look good on the inside as well as the outside.

We also decided that the venue should be a hotel, so the ceremony and reception could be in the same place. We didn’t want our guests worrying about getting taxis and we also liked the idea of waking up the next morning and having a big breakfast with everyone who had stayed over. So armed with our check list we visited a number of venues.

Our first stop was the Billesley Manor Hotel. I’d fallen in love with this property from looking at the brochure and website. Outside the hotel was very impressive, amazing grounds for photo opportunities but we were not too impressed with the inside. The man who showed us around was scruffily dressed and rushed us around the building. We could have looked past most of that, that was until we reached the room where the wedding breakfast and reception would be held. The room was… boring! It lacked the character the rest of the building had. It was obviously the newest part of the building and just didn’t tick the box!

Next to see was Ardencote Manor. This was much better. The wedding day would be held in a large conservatory styled room which overlooked the hotel’s gorgeous gardens. My only issue with this property was the bar was in a different room. I had visions of the dance floor being empty whilst people queued or stood around the bar talking!

We went to see a few more venues, but none of them really stood out. In October we went to the National Wedding Fayre, it was there we heard about Nailcote Hall. Their stand had a massive poster of a bride and groom standing on an elegant staircase with their guests behind them. It was quite impressive. So off we went again for another viewing. The moment I walked into this hotel I was impressed. We were showed to the hotel’s bar area where we were served tea and biscuits… and if you know me you’ll know I’m easily won over by a good brew! Michelle came and introduced herself and told us a little about Nailcote Hall. She then walked us in the hotels marquee. It was actually set up for a wedding breakfast that was to be held later in the day, I was speechless. I had to hold back the tears.

The marquee was perfect, it’s a large space with windows that look out on to the hotels gardens and 9 hole PGA golf course. The roof is decorated with white draped fabric and chandeliers. Above the stage and dance floor the material is black and peppered with tiny sparkly lights. Michelle then guided us to another part of the hotel. The grand staircase. My words will really not do this room no justice at all, the carpeted staircase takes you down below ground level but the massive skylight above fills the room with light. The room is tastefully decorated with a Mediterranean theme that makes you feel like you’re in a courtyard. When we left the hotel Has put his arm around me and said “I know you like this place because you’ve gone all quiet and emotional!” Oh how he knows me!

The final test for Nailcote was to show my Dad, I knew he’d be impressed with the golf course but I hoped he would love the building just as much as we did. Michelle wasn’t available that evening to show us around so the hotel’s general manager Skandu was our guide. I love Skandu! He’s exactly like the wedding planner “Franck” from “Father of the Bride” He was excitable and extremely accommodating, a little hard to understand but his enthusiasm was infectious it wasn’t long before we were all laughing and joking together, it was like we’d known him for years! I truly did feel very comfortable at Nailcote Hall.

Thankfully my Dad was just as impressed as we were and we put our deposit down. Our wedding is now all set to take place on Friday 5th November 2010 at Nailcote Hall, Berkswell!

Nailcote Hall

The room we will be getting married in!! Yes i have to walk down those stairs...

Another view of all those steps!

The marquee

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