Thursday, 1 October 2009

Stop and smell the flowers

I’ve never been a flower person, I like to receive them and I like to give them.  I love tulips and sunflowers and that’s about the extent of my flower knowledge.  I have no clue what blooms when or what flowers “work” together.
So when it came to picking my wedding flowers I just though I’ll go with what I like, Tulips.  Simple!  Err no!  See choosing to get married in November means we’re restricted with the types of flowers we can have.  Tulips bloom in the spring which means if you want them in November you add a few pounds to the price!

Has’ sister in law Amanda loves flowers, so when she offered her help I practically bit her hand off!
In keeping with the New York theme she suggested Martini Vases, something I’d never seen before but when she showed me a picture of a display she’d seen at her hairdressers I thought it looked amazing! 

I am now the owner of 8 giant martini vases… and only a little closer to figuring out what flowers will sit in them!

I’ve seen 3 florists over the last few months and if I’m honest have not been blown away by any of them.  Not one of them seemed very bothered and the quotes differ by £200!

The last florist I saw was marginally the best and also the most expensive.  At first she lacked interest and enthusiasm and made me feel like I was being awkward, but once she warmed up and suggested a collection of flowers including Avalanche Roses, Blue Moon Roses, Purple Lisianthus, Purple Freesias, White Cala Lillies and green foliage.

I’m quite happy with this selection, and have been thinking about adding a few different shades of purple and maybe also a light sage green. 
I’ve discovered these flowers recently and think they are lovely.

Purple dinner plate Dahlia (comes in a darker purple too)

Amnesia Roses

 Purple Hydrangea (I love how "fluffy" it looks) 

Even though I might not know a lot about flowers I do know what I don’t like and I don’t like top table flower arrangements.  Yes some can look gorgeous but to me they remind me of funeral wreaths!  I am open to suggestions but have been thinking of about four lower lying arrangements to side at the top of the table.  I’m going to see a few more florists over the next few weeks so I can ask for suggestions

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