Friday, 2 October 2009

Heaven in a Mouthful

I went to a wedding fayre the other week at a local hotel.  I’m not a huge fan of these things because they are full of pushy brides who use their elbows to get to the front of the best stalls and you usually end up with about 3 people all displaying the same thing, it was chair covers at this one. 

After squeezing through the corridors past the hordes of elbows, pushchairs (Who takes a pushchair to a wedding fayre held in the smallest venue possible!?) and mothers-of-the-brides to be (they’re the worst elbow offenders!) I found a lady who was displaying cupcakes.  She had arranged them on a stand to mimic a wedding cake.  Mom and I stood their drooling over how gorgeous the cakes were when the lady asked us if we’d like to try one.  Never one to turn down a cake we took one to share and went off to find somewhere to eat it.

Oh my sweet, sweet tooth it was amazing!!  Without actually saying anything other than a few muffled cake filled mouthful “Oh my god’s” and “MmMmMMMM’s!!!” we both turned around and headed straight back to her table to offer her compliments in between bites. 
The lady makes everything herself from scratch including the delicious jam that surprises you when you bite into the middle.  The icing was light and fluffy and beautifully whipped on top.  Not only did her cakes look gorgeous, they tasted gorgeous and, best of all, they are really reasonably priced!  I was sold!

The one thing, out of all the wedding planning that Has has been the most vocal about is the wedding cake.  “I don’t want a square cake”   “I don’t want fruit cake”  So I wasn’t sure how he would take the idea of a cupcake wedding cake.  At first he wasn’t so sure, we both agree that if you don’t do it right then it can look a bit, dare I say, tacky!
We’ve decided when Has gets back from India we are going to arrange an appointment with the cupcake lady, Has can then taste the amazing “heaven in a mouthful” cupcakes and see for himself.
I have actually been researching a lot of cupcake towers to see what works best.  I’ve found these examples and will definitely be taking these to the cupcake lady when we go see her.

This is my favourite!

This is the cutting cake which sits on top of the tower.  I love the pearl decoration.

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